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Language: {{Hindi/English}}

Instructors: {{Vinit Kapoor}}

Why this course?

Win'It English Blueprint

{{The course is designed in a way that it takes learner from the very basic stage to a stage where he feels comfortable with the language. Course works as a morale-boosting dose for the student who find it difficult to make a start in English.

Benefits To The Students- 

 Ø Students Build A Beautiful Building Of English On A Strong Base 

 Ø The High Quality Content Gives Students A Strong Support 

 Ø Teaching English In A Practical Way Gives Them A Head-start In English From the Day 1 

Ø LIVE CLASS helps students Open Up & Clear His Doubts

 Ø Assignments help students know common mistakes they commit & make their English better 

 Ø Live Chat queries & explanation help students get better understanding of the language }}

Course Curriculum

Introduction Tenses
Introduction Tenses- PDF
Present Indefinite Tense
Present Indefinite Tense- PDF
Practice Of Present Indefinite Tense
Present Indefinite Practice-PDF
How To Practise Tenses | Vinit Kapoor
100 Practice Questions- Present Indefinite Tense PDF
Present Continuous Tense
Present Continuous Tense- PDF
Present Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Tense
How To Convert Questions Into All Tenses
Present Perfect Continuous Tense & Practice Of Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Practice Of All The Tenses Of Present
Mixed Questions Of All Present Tenses-PDF
Introduction To Tenses Of Past| Vinit Kapoor
Past Indefinite Tense
Past Indefinite Tense PDF
Practice Of Past Indefinite Tense
Past Indefinite Practice PDF
Past Indefinite Questions PDF
Past Continuous Tense
Questions On Past Continuous Tense- PDF
Past Perfect Tense
Questions on Past Perfect Tense-PDF
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Questions On Past Perfect Continuous Tense PDF
Doubt Clearing Session on Tenses| Vinit Kapoor
Future Indefinite Tense
Future Indefinite Tense
Practice Of Future Indefinite Tense
Combinations Of Different Tenses
Future Continuous Tense
Future Perfect Tense
Future Perfect Continuous
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Practical Use Of Tenses In Different Situations
Tense Infographics
Tenses For Spoken English| Basics Of Tenses| Part 1
Tenses For Spoken English- Part 2| Present Indefinite Tense
Tenses For Spoken English| Different Uses Of Be- Part 3
Tenses For Spoken English- Part 4| Different Ways To Use All Present Tenses
Tenses For Spoken English| Past Indefinite Tense
Past Perfect & Past Continuous Tense
Difference Between Past Continuous & Past Perfect Continuous Tense
All Tenses Of Future| By Vinit Kapoor
Doubt Busting Session On Tenses| By Vinit Kapoor

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